Social Login – Why Retailers Should Adopt It

92% of shoppers abandon a website when asked to register or recover forgotten password! A seemingly simple and innocent registration form/login box can pull your customers away from your brand and make them join your competition. Study reveals 80% of US social network users prefer to connect with brands using Facebook. This colossal number truly determines Social Login is absolutely necessary for keeping the customers engaged on website and make their interaction with you a seamless social experience. This can significantly reduce the dropouts and enrich the entire engagement with users never having to sweat and leave pissed off for the want of a long-forgotten password or registering a new.  


Social login offers consumers the ability to register and log in on websites with a social network profile. ShopSocially’s social login app helps achieve this and drive user engagement and sales conversions. It simplifies the login experience on e-commerce sites via fully integrating social at this major customer touch point and makes the website registration process a breeze for customers. Moreover it also helps boost your social ROI. 

Visit this link for to know some interesting stats on why you should be using Social Login for your business.  


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