You must have the following 8 items ready before you set up Get-a-Fan app.

  1. Offer Banner Image: Image of a size 200 x 290 px complementing the theme of your website.
  2. Border Color: Hex code for the color of the border of the pop up.
  3. Fan Benefits Box Title: HTML describing the incentive offered
    Fan Benefits Box Details: HTML describing the offer.
  4. Like Pointer Image: Changing this image is optional and is necessary in the rarest circumstances.

  1. Coupon Code: Generate coupon codes used to provide the mentioned incentive.
  2. Terms Text: Terms and conditions are shown after the coupon is unlocked.

  1. Sidebar Image: You will also need to create a sidebar image. You can put the sidebar on the left side or right side of the screen. The orientation of the sidebar image will depend on its placement.
    Here are some examples of how some cool sidebars have been implemented.
  2. Sidebar Color: Configure sidebar color if you are using a transparent image. For non transparent image keep the sidebar color “transparent”.

    Once you have these items, you are ready to configure Get-a-Fan.