You can configure the shopping community with just few clicks. Before you configure a Shopping Community, please familiarize yourself with the required collateral needed for configuration. Once you have the required collateral available to you, then proceed with the configuration steps below.

Step 1: Set up a Shopping Community


Step 2: Select the source for posts

Select Share-a-Purchase as the source. Make sure there is at least one active Share-a-Purchase Campaign.

Step 3: Configure the activity fields

  • Check the "Show Like Button" to enable a Like button with each post. The shared product is liked when a visitor clicks on the Like button.
  • Check the "Show Sharing Options" to enable sharing options with each post.Sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, email and Pinterest.
  • Check the "Show Copy Permalink" to make the permalink available to your visitor.

    Step 4: Configure the Shopping Community header

    Step 5: Target and activate

    If you wish to display the Shopping Community on your website, then set up the targeting. Else set the targeting to “No Targeting”. Then click on activate button.