You can configure product stories with just few clicks. Before you configure a Product Stories, please familiarize yourself with the required collateral needed for configuration. Once you have the required collateral available to you, then proceed with the configuration steps below.

Step 1: Set up a Product Stories campaign

Step 2: Configure the slider

HTML for the title of the slider that slides in from the bottom right of the page.

Set the threshold number of stories below which the Product Stories slider is not displayed.

Step 3: Configure bottom bar

Add a custom image that is displayed when the Product Stories slider is minimized.

Bottom Bar Color variable fills the color into the transparent image. This field is applicable only if the Bottom Bar Image is transparent.

Set the time in seconds after page load for the Product Stories slider to appear.

Step 4: Target and activate 

The campaign will be displayed only those page that match the targeting parameters. Set up the targeting. Then click on activate button to display the Product Stories campaign on targeted pages.