You may choose to display a banner on the Thank You page of the checkout process. Configurations are below.

Configuration required in ShopSocially admin console

  • Go to Advanced Settings of Share-a-Purchase app
  • In the "Web Banner on Thank You Page" section, check “Display ssFrame” field
  • Customize the look and feel of the banner
  1. Click on the pencil sign on the banner
  2. Upload an image (any size) to suite your website theme

Changes required on the website

  • Place the div <div id="ssFrame"></div> on your website
  • The div is present in the first line of the advanced integration code on your website
  • Cut and paste it on the website where you want the banner to be displayed

Auto Popup

  • The app will auto popup when the visitor lands on the checkout page in addition to the banner
  • To disable the auto popup set the "Auto Popup" as No
  • However it is recommended to keep the auto popup active