If you want to customize the look and feel of the sidebar for your slider to match the look of your website, you can create a custom image that integrates well into your page. Here are some examples of how some nice sidebars have been implemented. You can get your designers to create something similar for your website.

Screenshots of Cool Sidebar Implementations


The simplest way to reuse one of the sidebars is to download it and have your designer modify it to suit the needs of your campaign. Simply right click on one of the images below to save it on your local computer.

These sidebar images can be uploaded to ShopSocially in the campaign dashboard. The 40x230 px dimensions are simply a suggestion. The sidebar image can be of any size. Feel free to be creative.

If you prefer simple sidebars, here are some resources for you to consider:

If you need any assistance, please contact support@shopsocially.com.