The Facebook Like image is included in the configuration of the Refer-a-Friend and Viral Offer Sharing or Get-a-Fan app. The image size is 555 x 110 px.

This image will be shown on the Viral Offer page  below the like button. Changing this image is optional and is necessary in the rarest circumstances.

This page covers some best practices and samples.



Here are some selected samples for you to take a look at. They will guide you when you are creating your own Facebook Like image. Click on the photo album below to see the samples.

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Best Practices

You should not change this image unless you have to. Here are some best practices to follow when creating the offer image.

  • The image should always contain an arrow pointing to the Like button.
  • Avoid too much color in this image because it will distract the user from the Offer Image on the Viral Offer page.
  • You should include offer specific details in the image.


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