This guide will get you started with using the ShopSocially API. This guide will present you an overview of the API and common practices while using the API.

The ShopSocially API consists of various endpoints which let you export different data. For example, there are different endpoints for different resources that you might want to export like email subscribers, social profiles or shared purchases / reviews. The ShopSocially API endpoints are divided into two broad categories - 

  1. Resource Based - API endpoints that let you export complete resources like email subscribers etc for all the campaigns that you have run.
  2. App Based - API endpoints that let you export resources for a particular App Type or for a particular campaign.

It is important to understand that these API endpoints export sensitive data. So, every API call requires an authentication mechanism. Please read the Authentication guide to understand how to authenticate every API call that you make.

The ShopSocially API returns data in the JSON format. The API returns appropriate status codes and error messages in case of an error. Be sure to read the Response Codes guide before using the API.

It is suggested that you read the API docs in the following order to properly use the ShopSocially API - 
  1. Authentication guide
  2. Response Codes guide
  3. Various API Endpoints (as required)

The base URL for all API endpoints is :

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