This article describes the various response codes which the API will return in case of success and errors. There are various response codes in case of an error to indicate the type of error. In case of an error, in addition to the response code the API also returns an error reason which is descriptive of the error that occurred. On inspecting the response code and the error reason, you will be able to figure out the error you are encountering and rectify the API request accordingly.

In case of an error, the API returns a JSON response in the following format containing the error reason.

{"success" : false, "reason" : "<Error Reason>"}

The following table outlines the meaning of the response codes and the error reasons -

Response Code Error Reason Description
200 NA  The response code in case of success.
401 authentication missing When the authentication fields are missing from the header of the API request
401 authentication failure When the authentication fails due to a wrong combination of partner-id and api-key
400 missing parameters When the required parameters in a API request are missing
400 unexpected date format When the date format in the parameters for the API request is not in the correct format.

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