Customize Social SEO and start enhancing the SEO Rank of the page. The required collateral checklist is given below.

  • Incentive Image (500 x 190px)
  • Popup Border Color
  • Coupon Code
  • Newsletter Subscription text
  • Sidebar Image

Incentive Image: Image of a size 500 x 190 px which will describe the incentive offered.

Popup Border Color: Hex code for the color of the border of the pop up.

    Coupon Code: Generate coupon codes used to provide the mentioned incentive.

    Newsletter Subscription text: Text to attract email subscribers.

    Sidebar Image: An image shown on the website when the app is minimized. Here are some examples of how some cool sidebars have been implemented.

    Once you have collected all the required collateral, go ahead and configure your campaign.