You must have the following items ready and available to set up the Share-a-Purchase app. 

You can choose between the two templates mentioned below:

These items are generic irrespective of the template chosen.
  • Sharing Prompt text (Max 250 characters)  
  • Text for sharing button (Max 17 characters)  
  • Coupon codes  
  • Offer Content in the email to the sharer  
  • Thank You Banner (650 x 60 pixels)




Collateral Required for Background Template


Share-a-Purchase Background Templates (Pre-Offer Unlock and Post Offer Unlock Images)  

  • Background Image (650 x 440 px)  
  • Banner (650 x 128 px )


Background Image




Banner Image


Other Required Collateral


 Collateral Required for General Template


Share-a-Purchase General Templates (Pre-Offer Unlock and Post Offer Unlock Images)

  • Banner Image (650 x 60 pixels )

Other Required Collateral