Launch a Flash Sale in minutes with built in social virality!

It’s like creating your very own Groupon but without any brand dilution, long wait or expensive rev share.

You can create a weekly or biweekly flash sale and promote it via your usual marketing channels such as email, Facebook fans, Facebook Sponsored Stories, Twitter or your website. With built in social virality, your reach will extend quickly via word-of-mouth propagation.

Curious? Read on.  (If you already know about VFS and would like information on setting it up, you can also read the requirements and basic configuration steps for a Viral Flash Sale. 

Watch a 2 min video


View a live example

View a live example. You can go through the entire flow and see how it works. When asked to enter information, use the following test numbers:

  • Credit Card # : 4242424242424242
  • CVV: 111
  • Expiration: May 2015


How does it work?


1. Create an irresistible deal

Here are some best practices for creating an attractive deal:

  • The deal should be for a specific product such as a necklace, photo canvas, gift card etc.
  • Product should have broad appeal for your audience
  • The discount must be very attractive (50% +)
  • The deal should be available only for a short duration typically 24 to 48 hours

Once you have decided on the offer, you can upload the details in ShopSocially merchant center. It will automatically create a customized landing page for your flash deal.


2. Seed the offer using your existing subscriber base

  • Facebook
    • Post to Facebook Page
    • Run Facebook Offers on Facebook Page (contact us if you need help in figuring this out)
  • Email
    • Send the promotion link to your email subscriber list
  • Website
    • Place a link to the promotion prominent on your website
  • Twitter
    • Post the link to Twitter


3. Deal goes viral

  • Each deal unlock action automatically propagates it to 200+ friends on Facebook, generating significant word-of-mouth virality
  • Facebook posts are further amplified by converting them into sponsored stories 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ShopSocially send the flash deal to its subscriber list?

No. Unlike Groupon, ShopSocially does not have its own subscriber list. Merchant use their own subscriber list to seed the deal. We add social virality to significantly extend that reach and also create the flash sale site. Merchants can promote the deal to their website, Facebook fans, email subscribers or Twitter followers.


What do users buy?

Users buy an online deal voucher (typically a redemption code) that they can later redeem at the merchant site. Usually, each redemption code has a redemption time limit.


Who handles the payment?

ShopSocially takes care of payment processing.


What are the benefits of using ShopSocially?

  • Create your own viral flash sale site within minutes
  • Achieve a high conversion rate because users feel that they “earn” the deal
  • Built-in virality with every unlock. Increases sales by as much as 100%.
  • Focused 1-click purchase flow for users, no distractions
  • Site is designed to make deals look exclusive and time sensitive
  • Automatic social sharing amplifies deals well beyond the original recipients
  • Additional virality via Facebook sponsored stories
  • Flat, low service fees


How do I get started?

To get started simply email us at or call (650) 701-SSLY. You can also read the requirements and basic configuration steps for a Viral Flash Sale.