This page describes the collateral required for you to get set up with Viral Offer Sharing (VOS).

Mandatory Items

You must have 5 items ready and available to get started with VOS.

  • 1. Offer Title (Max 100 chars)
  • 2. Offer Description Text
  • 3. Offer Image (415 px X 520 px)  
  • 4. Landing Page URL
  • 5. Coupon Code to be revealed to visitor

Main Screen


Offer Revealed Screen


Optional Items

Viral Offer Sharing allows lots of options to customize your campaign. Depending on your customization needs, you can also have the following collateral available.

You can also gather these optional items if you want further customization:

  • 6. Facebook Post Offer Title
  • 7. Facebook Post Offer Description
  • 8. Like Image

Facebook Post

Like Image

You can also optionally configure the Like image of the magic wand that appears in the background when the coupon is displayed.

Once you have these items, you are ready to configure Viral Offer Sharing.


Email us at if you need help.