This page describes how to set up the Share-and-Save app. Please check if you have the required collateral ready to do campaign setup.

Step 1: Decide your incentive

Decide the type of incentive given to your website visitor. Follow the link to know more about incentive management.

Step 2: Set up a Share-and-Save campaign

Step 3: Configure the Destination page


You can either configure the app to share the page on which it resides by checking the “Share the current page URL” field or explicitly set the destination page URL.

Step 4: Configure the Sharing Options

Step 5: Configure the Slider Display

Incentive Image: Choose an attractive image which explains about the incentive you offer for the action taken by the visitor.

Border Color: Hex code for the color of the border of the pop up. Choose a color to suite the theme of your website.

Sidebar Image: An image shown on the website when the app is minimized. Here are some examples of how some cool sidebars have been implemented.

Sidebar Color: Configure sidebar color if you are using a transparent image. For non transparent image keep the sidebar color “transparent”.

Step 6: Configure the incentive



Step 7: Set up targeting and activate the campaign

The campaign will be displayed only those page that match the targeting parameters. Set up the targeting. Then click on activate button to display the Social SEO campaign on targeted pages.