This page describes how to set up the Ask-a-Friend app. 

Step 1: Configure Screen Appearance

Workflow Help Image: This image is shown for the first time when the "Add to Poll" button is clicked. This image tells the user how to use the poll creation functionality. It is shown until the user adds a product to the poll. Suggested size is 470 x 385 px, but the image can be of any size that fits the screen.

Create Poll Text: This the title text for the Create Poll screen.

Shortlist Text: This is the text string to use to denote the shortlist of products added to the poll.

Create Poll Button Text: Set up the text to be displayed on the action button on right bottom of the screen.

Question to ask for poll: Set up the default Question to ask for poll.

Border Color: Set up the border color of the Create Poll screen. The border color should be set up to match the look of your website. Match this border color to a prominent color on your website.

Step 2: Configure Sidebar

Create Poll SideBar HTML: This is the HTML that is shown when no products have yet been added to the poll.

View Poll SideBar HTML: This is the HTML that is shown when products have been added to the poll and clicking on the "View Poll" option will show the poll creation window.

SideBar CSS: This is the CSS that defines the look and feel of the sidebar. This CSS controls the HTML.