ShopSocially tags can be easily integrated with a CS-Cart store. With this, you can activate ShopSocially apps on your opencart store and start running campaigns in matter of minutes.

Step 1: Place the folders

  1. Download the attached zip file “extension for cs-cart”
  2. Unzip the file and merge the “apps/addons” folder with the existing apps/addons folder of your cart
  3. Copy and paste the code file available in the design folder under design/themes/YOUR_CART_THEME/templates/addons

Note: The the folder structure should merge with the existing folder structure.

Step 2: Install the Addon

Login to your CS-Cart admin console and navigate to Add-ons —> Manage Add-ons

Install ShopSocially / Ecommerce add-on

Once it is active click on the add-on to change the settings.

Enter your 32 characters ShopSocially partner id and enable basic and/or advanced integration.

Note: Unique 32 characters partner id is available on your ShopSocially merchant console.


That's it. You are done! :-) If you require more help, we are always available on