This page describes how to set up the Social Login app. 

Step 1: Add a new Campaign

Step 2: Select the Social Network

Step 3: Configure the look and feel


Icon Style: Select the style of the icon you want to show on your website.

Background Color: Choose a color to suit the theme of your website.


Please note: You can drag the icons to re-arrange them according to your wish.


Step 4: Get the Social Network credentials

You require Social Network client id and secret to create the campaign.

  • Facebook Credentials: Contact your account manager for this.
  • Google Credentials: Follow this link for the instructions to create the Google app and to get the credentials.
  • Yahoo Credentials: Follow this link for the instructions to create the Yahoo app and to get the credentials.

Step 5: Set up targeting and activate the campaign

The campaign will be displayed only those page that match the targeting parameters. Set up the targeting. Then click on activate button to display the Get-an-Email campaign on targeted pages.