This page explains the steps required to set up Google App required for Social Login App.

To set up Google App please follow steps given below:

Step 1: Go to  

Step 2: Login using your G+ credentials.

Step 3: Go to Projects and create a new project.



Step 4: Give an appropriate name to your project.



Step 5: Search for Google+ API, and enable it as shown in the figures given below:



Step 6: Navigate to ‘Credentials’ Page and configure OAuth Consent Screen.

  • Email Address: Primary email address used for your G+ account.
  • Product Name: Name of your online store. 
  • Homepage URL: Online store URL. 
  • Logo: URL of 120 x 120 pixels logo image. 
  • Privacy policy URL: URL of your store privacy policy. 
  • Terms and service URL: URL of the terms and service of your store.



Step 7: Select Credentials tab and create new OAuth Client ID.


Step 8: Configure the Type of Client ID.

Select “Web Application” as client type.

Here are the “Authorized Javascript Origin” links: 


Here are the “Authorized Redirect URI”: 



Step 9: Here is the Client ID and secret required. Copy paste them in the campaign configuration.

For any further assistance please contact