Before configuring Refer-A-Friend, make sure you have completed all mandatory integration. For integration instructions, please refer to Integrating ShopSocially.

To complete configuration of the Refer-A-Friend campaign, you'll need to determine the incentives you want to offer, and create all artwork and collateral required for the campaign. See Refer-A-Friend Required Collateral for more details.

Refer to Figure: Configuring Refer-A-Friend for an overview of all the configuration fields.

Figure: Configuring Refer-A-Friend

Creating a New Refer-a-Friend Campaign


You can create new campaigns of any type using the Adding New Campaign button.

Please follow the steps given below:


  1. Login into Merchant Center
  2. Click Campaigns tab. Refer to Figure: Adding New Campaign.
  3. Click Add New Campaign tab. Refer to Figure: Adding New Campaign. 
  4. Click Refer-a-Friend from your list of available campaign types. If you don't see Refer-a-Friend available, please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Figure: Adding New Campaign

Configuring the campaign

When you add a new campaign you will be taken to the configuration setup. Refer to Figure: Configuration Setup.

Figure: Configuration Setup

There are various tabs in the Configuration set up:



Implementation types and setup for each tab is explained in following sections.

Please noteListed below are examples of variables which can be used to access specific data that may be required to configure the HTML fields in the App.

Variable Description
_COUPONEXPIRY_  To access coupon expiry date
_COUPONCODE_ To access coupon codes
_LANDING_URL_ To access the landing page URL
_REFERRER_EMAIL_  To access the sharer’s email address 
_MESSAGE_ To access sharer’s message in email sharing option


By default the Basic tab is displayed. This tab is for setting sharing channels, website offer display, and incentive coupons.


1. The incentive settings in this tab are for the Referrer. 

2. You can set up a maximum of 4 desktop referral sharing channels at a time.

Please follow steps given below to set up the sharing channels:

1. In Referral Tabs, select check boxes for sharing channels that you want your visitors to see. You can drag and drop sharing options in the Desktop Preview and, or Mobile Preview section to reorder them in the App. Refer to Figure: Referral Tabs.

Figure: Referral Tabs

2. In the Offer Display section, upload the below mentioned images and colors:

  • Sidebar Image: Recommended size 40 pixels wide and 230 pixels tall) that sits on the side when the app is in minimized state. You can select from our library of library of stock sidebar images images or you can upload a custom image. This sidebar image should accurately and briefly describe the App's offer or incentive. To see example of how the offer is seen by visitor Refer to Figure: Offer Display For Visitor.
  • Background Offer Image: Size 750 x 500 pixels. 
  • Button Color: HTML color codes or RGB values
  • Box Color:  HTML color codes or RGB values
  • Font Color: HTML color codes or RGB values

Note: You can preview Button, Box and Font color in the Color Preview box against each. Refer to Figure: Offer Display.

Figure: Offer Display

Figure: Offer Display For Visitor

3. The Incentive Info section is about the referrer incentive. The incentive to the referrer can be in the form of coupon codes or loyalty points (Provided you are using ShopSocially's loyalty program). The following section explains configuring the App to give coupon codes for successful referrals. To award loyalty points refer this section Awarding Loyalty Points Via Refer-A-Friend.

  • Select type of Incentive - No Incentive or Single Use Coupons Codes: Shopsocially does . not recommend the No Incentive option. Coupon codes to be sent to the sharer have to be uploaded one per line. The App will give out the codes sequentially to each person who matches the referral conditions. Even if you wish to give the same coupon code to all visitors, you will have to upload it separately on each line. Click Get Status to check the status of your uploaded Coupon Codes.
  • Upload Coupon Codes (one per line)
  • Set the Coupon Expiry date
  • Enter Terms & Conditions text that will be shown to users
  • Enter Incentive Email Subject line
  • Enter the HTML code for the incentive email body.
  • Enter the HTML code for the 'Thank You' message that users see after completing the share.

Refer to Figure: Incentive Info 1.

Figure: Incentive Info 1

Below figures, Figure: Incentive Info 2, and Figure: Incentive Info 3 depicts the user's experience.

Figure: Incentive Info 2

Figure: Incentive Info 3

4. In Type of Offer section configure the trigger condition for the referral reward.

  • Referral Action: The action that earns the referral reward can either be a friend click or a friend purchase.
  • When to trigger offer: Set how many friends need to take the required referral action for the incentive email to be sent to the sharer. The incentive email can be sent to the sharer each time a friend takes the required action. (Like affiliate incentives).
  • Approve Referral Actions: The referral transactions that are eligible for the incentive can be auto-approved by the app or you can choose to manually verify the transactions before the incentive is delivered. If you choose manual option you can click on the 'Moderate Referral Actions' link to see a list of transactions eligible for the incentive based on the trigger conditions. You can approve or reject the pending transactions. When you approve any transaction, the incentive email is delivered to the respective referrer. Refer to Figure: Moderate Referral Actions for a view of the referral transaction report dashboard.

Figure: Moderate Referral Actions

5. Page Sharing: Using this feature, you can share a specific page. You have the flexibility of adding your own JavaScript to obtain page details which you want to share. If you don't provide this, then normal flow would happen. By using this feature User would be able to share a specific product, and image description of that specific product would show up in the post. Refer to Figure: Page Sharing.

Figure: Page Sharing

6. Click Save.


The Email tab is for setting email which is sent out to the friends.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click Email tab.

2. In Invitation Email:

  • In Default Email Message enter message you want your referrals to send to their friends. Referral can edit the message before sending to friends.
  • In Invitation Email Subject enter the email subject line.
  • In Invitation Body HTML enter the invitation body HTML. Refer to Figure: Invitation Email 1. You can also use the Check Spam Rating option.

Figure: Invitation Email 1

   Below Figure: Invitation Email 2 depicts how the friends  receive the referral email and offer.

Figure: Invitation Email 2

3. For certain email providers, visitors can be given the option to import contacts from their address book for email sharing. To set this up, you need to create an App for that particular email service provider. Once the App is created, the App credentials need to be updated in this section of the campaign configuration. To do this, please follow the steps given below:
1. In Email Contact Import Settings, in Email Providers, select Enable Google Contact Imports and or, Enable Yahoo Contact Imports check box(s).
2. As per selection, the Google and Yahoo tabs appear. Refer to Figure: Import Contacts.
3. Click Google or Yahoo, or both one by one if you want to import contacts from both. We have considered here example of Google.

4. Enter Google Client Id, and Google Client Secret, and click Save. Refer to Figure: Google Credentials.

Figure: Import Contacts

Figure: Google Credentials

6. Click Save.

Note: For more information on how to set Google+ and Yahoo App, please visit the following links:

                                     Google+ App                                               Yahoo App 


The Facebook tab is for setting Facebook post image, and Facebook fan URL.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click Facebook tab.
2. In Facebook Post provide:
  • Facebook Post Image: Size 470 X 265 pixels. Refer to Figure: Facebook Post.
  • Facebook Post Title: The title of the Facebook post which goes up on the sharer's Facebook wall.
  • Facebook Post Description: The description text on the Facebook post which goes up on the sharer's Facebook wall.
  • Share Button Text

Figure: Facebook Post

3. In Facebook Page: After the referral action is complete, if you want to give the sharer an option to like Like you on Facebook, you can enter your Facebook Fan Page URL here. This is optional.

4. Click Save. Refer to Figure: Facebook Page.

Figure: Facebook Page


The Twitter tab is for setting Twitter text profile.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click Twitter tab.

2. In Tweet Info provide:

  • Default Tweet Text: Default sharing text for Twitter. Visitor can edit the text. Refer to Figure: Twitter
  • Tweet Button Text
  • Show Summary Card: Select Show Summary Card check box, if you want to show product image, and description in the tweet. A Twitter card is meant to give the reader a preview of the content before clicking through to your website. Provide the following info:
    • Twitter Title 
    • Twitter Description 
    • Twitter Image: Twitter will re-size image, maintaining its original aspect ratio to fit the following sizes: Web: Maximum height of 375 pixels, and maximum width of 435 pixels Mobile (non-retina displays): Maximum height of 375 pixels, and maximum width of 280 pixels Mobile (retina displays): Maximum height of 750 pixels, and maximum width of 560 pixels You should keep it a maximum of height 375 pixels, and maximum width 435 pixels. Refer to Figure: Summary Card.

Figure: Summary Card
3. In Twitter Profile, in Twitter Handle, enter your Twitter Handle. For example @Shopsocially. Refer to Figure: Twitter.

Refer to Figure: Twitter

6. Click Save.


The Pinterest tab is tab is for setting Pinterest Message.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click Pinterest tab.
2. In Message provide:
  • Pinterest Page Title 
  • Pinterest share description 
  • Pinterest Share image URL 
  • Pinterest Share Button Text. Refer to Figure: Pinterest.

Figure: Pinterest

6. Click Save.

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Private Link

The Private Link is for setting link prompt header and text.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click Private Link tab.

2. In Link Prompt provide:

  • Prompt To Share Link: Text to share private link.
  • Private Link share button text 
  • Private Link Header text
3. Click Save.


Please follow steps given below:

1. Click WhatsApp tab.

2. In Message provide:

  • WhatsApp Default Message: Text to share private link.
  • WhatsApp share button text
  • WhatsApp Header text

3. Click Save.



The LinkedIn tab is for setting required LinkedIn permission, LinkedIn post image and description.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click LinkedIn tab.

2. In LinkedIn Post provide:

  • Require LinkedIn Permissions: The LinkedIn share can be done in two ways - 
Via LinkedIn Connect 
A vanilla share which does not require a LinkedIn Connect
With the LinkedIn connect, you get the customer profile data too and we can know for sure if the customer has done the share. The downside is that some customers back out of completing the share because of the additional permissions. With the vanilla share, we do not ask for additional permissions and there will be a less number of drop offs. But we cannot be sure if the customer actually did the share on LinkedIn or backed out of it. Recommendation: Instead of creating a barrier to share through the LinkedIn connect, set up the LinkedIn share without permissions and award incentives for a click back or a referral sale. So if a visitor has not done a share, they will not earn the incentive. 
  • Referral Completion Delay (sec) 
  • LinkedIn Post Image
  • LinkedIn Post Title 
  • LinkedIn Post Description 
  • Share Button Text

3. Click Save.


The Friend tab is for setting incentive for friends, landing Page, and friend offer popup. 

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click Friend tab.

2. In Incentive for Friends provide:

  • Type of Incentive: No Incentive, or Single Use Coupons Codes, or Generic Coupon Codes. Shopsocially does not recommend the No Incentive option. Irrespective of Single use or Generic Incentive type, the Coupon codes to be sent to the sharer have to be uploaded one per line. The App will give out the codes sequentially to each person who matches the referral conditions. Even if you wish to give the same coupon code to all visitors, you will have to upload it separately on each line.
  • Terms & Conditions: Terms and condition associated with the Coupon Codes and its usage.
  • Coupon Expiry
3. In Landing Page provide:
  • Destination Page URL: Destination URL for the referrals.
  • Show Landing page in background: Select this check box for the friends to see the intermediate pop up with the landing page in the background. It will give the impression of your website with a pop up on it rather than a 3rd party pop up. Refer to Figure: Friend Settings 1.

Figure: Friend Settings 1

4. In Friend Offer Popup provide:

  • Friend pop-up HTML: You can configure the look and feel of the intermediate page shown to the referrals. Associate the "Continue" button with "_LANDING_URL_" to take the user to the desired landing page.
  • Continue Button Text 
  • Continue Button Background Color 
  • Continue Button Font Color 
  • Block Self Referrals: Select this check box to block self-referrals.
  • Sorry HTML for Self Referral. Refer to Figure: Friend Settings 2.

Refer to Figure: Friend Settings 2

5. Click Save. For example, using the above first 4 settings, the friend will see Offer pop up as below. Refer to Figure: Friend Offer Pop Up.

 Figure: Friend Offer Pop Up


You need to set this up if the campaign has been targeted to show on mobile devices.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click Mobile tab.

2. Provide:

  • Mobile Banner Image: Size 280 X 100. The mobile banner image is used to communicate the offer to visitors using mobile devices. If your campaign has been targeted to show on mobile devices, this image should be updated. 
  • Display Bottombar 
  • Bottombar Color 
  • Mobile Sidebar Text 
  • Mobile Sidebar Text Color 
  • Mobile Friend Popup HTML 
  • Thank You HTML 
  • Sorry HTML for Self Referral
3. Click Save.


You can configure a dedicated landing page for Refer-A-Friend campaigns. Each campaign can then be accessible with unique URL. This page can be available on both desktop and mobile. With this you can now run email campaigns with your contacts (leads, prospects, customer and so on) to share this landing page URL. To know how to configure the dedicated landing page, please refer to Configuring Refer-A-Friend Landing Page.


The Advanced tab is for setting sidebar display, slider display, conversion condition, acknowledgement email, newsletter subscription, text customization options, and referrer dashboard.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click Advanced tab.

2. In Display Options, provide:

  • Display Sidebar: Select this check box to display a sidebar on the website. 
  • Border Color: Refer to Figure: Border Color.

Figure: Border Color

  • Sidebar Color: Provide color of your choice. Refer to Figure: Sidebar Color.

Figure: Sidebar Color

  • Sidebar Placement 
  • Vertical Popup Offset (from middle): This field enables you to move the Refer-a-Friend slider up or down a certain number of pixels on the page. Normally, the slider shows up in the vertical middle of the page. The Vertical Popup Offset field controls the position of the slider relative to the vertical middle of the page. For example, enter -10 in this field to move the slider 10 pixels up from its default position on the page. Or, enter 20 in this field to move the slider 20 pixels down from its default position on the page. Refer to Figure: Side Bar Settings.

Figure: Side Bar Settings

  • Display in-page Button: If you select this check box, a button will be displayed in addition to the Sidebar for triggering the Refer-a-Friend campaign screen. Please note that some additional configuration will be needed to place and hook up the In-Page button properly on the targeted web page. A separate text area has been provided for pasting the JavaScript snippet needed to place and activate this button.
  • JS Code For Placing Button: If you select the Display in-page Button check box, you will need to paste the JavaScript snippet here.  
  • Offer Display Type: Slider or Popup
  • Auto Slide-in/Popup Time. Refer to Figure: Advanced Display Options.
Shopsocially recommends to use In-Page button to have better campaign visibility. For more information refer to In-Page button.

Advanced Display Options

Please note: You can run both, Display Options, and Embed Options views on one same page using one campaign. Refer to Figure: Embed Options.

3. In Fraud Detection and Prevention, provide:

  • Block Self Referrals Based on Cookies: When enabled, cookie-based tracking will prevent someone from clicking on their own referral link to claim the reward. Enabling this is recommended.

4. In Embed Options, provide:

  • Embed on Website: Select this check box if you want to embed Refer-A-Friend App on your website. Click View Instructions, and follow steps to embed Refer-A-Friend App on your website.
  • Show Powered By ShopSocially: Select this check box if you want to show ShopSocially branding. Refer to Figure: Embed Options which depicts how the visitor sees the offer.

Figure: Embed Options

Please note
  • The size of the referral box is: Width: 450 pixels, and height: 295 pixels. Therefore you will need to allocate at least this much height and width for the widget if you are trying to embed it in a column on the side of the page or footer section.
  • The Refer-A-Friend embed view is also available on mobile.

5. In Sale Transaction Type Filtering, select one of the below options for When to count a sale:

  • Any Sale 
  • Sale Transaction Type contains the following string: You can define for which sale you want to award the incentive. For example you have a sale confirmation page and Email form sign up page confirmation page and you want to award the incentive for sale confirmation page.
6. In Referral Thank You Email, select the Send Welcome Mail check box if you want to send 'Thank You' email when a user refers via Refer-A-Friend. This email is optional. Enter the Referral Thank You Email Subject, and the Referral Thank You Email Body. Refer to Figure: Referral Thank You Email.

Figure: Referral Thank You Email

7. If you want to offer the friend to sign up for newsletter, in Newsletter Subscription, in Enable Newsletter Subscription, enter required details. Refer to Figure: Newsletter Subscription.

Figure: Newsletter Subscription

8. In Thank You Page Display, select "Display First Name Field", and/ or, "Display Last Name Field"
9. Referral Summary Report: When a visitor makes referrals using Refer-A-Friend campaign, visitor can be notified with a referral summary of how the visitor’s referrals have fared.
If you enable this Referral Summary Report check box, it will display the option of 'Send me referral updates' in Refer-A-Friend campaign. A visitor will need to select 'Send me referral updates' check box to receive referral summary in Refer-A-Friend campaign (only in case of Email, private link and whats-app network referrals) running on your website. Refer to Figure: Referral Summary Report.
Provide the link to access your website directly where the Refer-A-Friend campaign is configured.

Figure: Referral Summary Report

10. In Referrer Dashboard, upload the Referrer Dashboard Header Image. For example how the referrer will see the Dashboard, refer to Figure: Referrer Dashboard.

Figure: Referrer Dashboard

Please note: There is an option where in the user can request to resend the coupon code in case if the user forgets the coupon code.

11. In Customization provide: 

  • From Address Prompt 
  • To Address Prompt 
  • Terms Button Label 
  • Private Link Prompt Text 
  • Next Button Label 
  • Reward Notification Prompt Text. For example, refer to Figure: Customization.

Figure: Customization

12. In Loyalty Account Check, provide: 

  • Loyalty Account Check: Loyalty points can be awarded when any loyalty user refers someone via Refer-A-Friend App. A check can be included to verify if user has loyalty account. To do so, please check "Enable Loyalty Account Check" box. By doing so when a user shares via Refer-A-Friend App App, it will search for available loyalty account of the user with matching email ID. If loyalty account is not found, it will give pop up message showing loyalty account not found. The user can then edit the email ID. Or, if the user chooses to continue, then a new loyalty account is created and the points are credited to that account. 
  • Enable Loyalty Account Check
  • Account Unavailable Message HTML
  • Edit Button Text
  • Continue Button Text
  • Edit Button Color
  • Continue Button Color. Refer to Figure: Loyalty Account Check.

Refer to Figure: Loyalty Account Check

13. Tracking Identifier for Additional Parameters: UTM parameters for different networks in Refer-A-Friend: In cases where you want to send specific data to your back-end upon every user interaction with Refer-A-Friend, we have provided a bunch of fields called "UTM parameters". For every network in Refer-A-Friend, there is a corresponding UTM field. Hence, you can send different data for every network as per your requirements. Please provide:

  • Enable Tracking Identifier: Select this check box. 
  • Facebook: ?_Source=ShopSocially 
  • Twitter: ?_Source=ShopSocially 
  • Email: ?_Source=ShopSocially 
  • Pinterest: ?_Source=ShopSocially. Refer to Figure: Tracking Identifier for Additional Parameters.

Figure: Tracking Identifier for Additional Parameters

14.Click Save.