For using Import Yahoo Contacts feature for Refer-A-Friend, you need to create and set up the Yahoo App. Instructions to create Yahoo App are given in sections below.


Creating Yahoo App


To create Yahoo App please follow steps given below:

1. Go to Yahoo Developer Account using the following link: Yahoo Login.

2. In MyApps, click YDN Apps. Refer to Figure: YDN Apps.

3. Login with your Yahoo credentials.

Figure: YDN Apps

4. Go to MyApps, and click Create an App. Enter the required details for the App. Refer to Figure: App Details 1.

Figure: App Details 1

5.  In API Permissions, enter the permissions as below:

  • Contacts: Read/Write.
  • Profiles: Read/Write Public and Private. Click Create App. Refer to Figure: App Details 2.

Refer to Figure: App Details 2

6. Your Client ID and Client Secret is created and displayed. Refer to Figure: Client ID And Client Secret.

Figure: Client ID And Client Secret

Click Update. Refer to Figure: Update.

Figure: Update

Displays message "Your application has been successfully updated."

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