Before configuring Customer Q & A, make sure you have completed all mandatory integration. For tutorial on the above integration, please refer to Integrating ShopSocially.

Refer to Figure: Configuring Customer Q & A for configuration flow.

Configuring Customer Q & A

Adding New Campaign

You can add new campaigns using the Adding New Campaign button.

Please follow the steps given below:

  1. Login into Merchant Center
  2. Click Campaigns tab. Refer to Figure: Adding New Campaign. 
  3. Click Add New Campaign tab. Refer to Figure: Adding New Campaign. 
  4. Select and click available campaign, or from available campaigns.

Figure: Adding New Campaign

Configuring the Campaign

You can set this campaign for one or multiple products, and also on one or multiple pages for selected products.
By default the Configuration setup is shown. Refer to Figure: Configuration Setup.

Figure: Campaign Configuration

There are various tabs in the Configuration set up and are as given below:

Setup for each tab is given in below sections.


By default the Basic tab is displayed. In this tab you can set the Q & A title, branding color, Q & A prompts and so on.

Please follow steps given below:

1. In General Settings, provide:

  • Q & A Title: For example, Customer Questions and Answers. 
  • Branding Color: For example, color code #428bca. You can preview color in Color Preview. Merchant can define different color combinations for text in the template. However merchant also has an option to define a single color for branding all text appearing in the template. Merchant can define the branding color using this filed. By default there is branding color available in the system. Refer to Figure: Branding Color.

Figure: Branding Color

  • Background Color: You can choose a background color of your choice. Refer to Figure: Background Color.

Figure: Background Color
  • Frame Width (in pixels): Recommended Size: 810 pixels or less.
  • Product Identifier JS: Every product page will have its own set of Q&A and this Java Script is used to map the questions and answers to their respective product page. The product page can be identified using Product ID, Product Page URL or Product Image URL. Refer to Figure: General Settings. 
  • Example of Product Identifier JS is given below. ShopSocially can help you this this up.
ss_mi.helper.get_product_info = function(){ return {product_id:$('#shopify-product-reviews').attr('data-id'),page_url:$(location).attr('href'),title:$('meta[property="og:title"]').attr("content"),image_url:"http://" + $('meta[itemprop=image]').attr("content").slice(2)}}

Figure: General Settings

2. In Q & A Prompts, provide:
  • Question Prompt: Prompt for customers to ask a question.
  • Question Subtext: Subtext that is displayed below the question text box.
  • Ask Button Label
  • Answer Prompt: Prompt for visitors to answer any particular question.

Figure: Q & A Prompts

Refer to Figure: Product page Q & A section which depicts the various configuration fields as seen on a website.

Figure: Campaign Visible

3. Click Save.


The Advanced tab is for setting number of questions/ answers/ comments per page, notifications and so on.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click Advanced tab.

2. In Q & A Display Thresholds, provide:

  • Max Questions To Display: Maximum questions to be displayed per page.
  • Max Answers To Display: Maximum answers to be displayed per page.
  • Max Comments To Display: Maximum comments to be displayed per page. Refer to Figure: Q & A Display.

Figure: Q & A Display

3. In Notifications, you can choose which set of people are notified about any interaction with the Q & A App:
  • Questions: When someone posts a question, any of the following people can be notified. Select check box(s) for the ones you wish to notify. Notification is sent via email.
    • Q&A Admin: Merchant site Admin.
    • 5 Previous Answerers: Randomly system selected 5 people who have answered any question in the past.
    • 5 New Answerers: Randomly system selected 5 people who have bought this product but have not answered any question yet. Refer to Figure: Notification.
  • Answers: When someone posts an answer, notification to 2 types of people can be sent. Select check box(s) for the required. Notification is sent via email.
    • Q&A Admin: Merchant site Admin.
    • Question Asker: Person who has asked the question.
  • Comments: When someone posts a comment, notification to 3 type of people can be sent. Select check box(s) the required. Notification is sent via email.
    • Q&A Admin: Merchant site Admin.
    • Question Asker: Person who has asked the question.
    • Answer Provider: Person who has answered.

Refer to Figure: Notification

Please note

  • The notification email to the merchant admins for new questions asked allows them to answer the questiosn directly from the email or navigate to the product page where they can answer the question. If the admin lands on the product page by clicking through the link in the notification, the question will show up on top and the admin wont have to search for the question on the page.
    Refer to Figure: Notification Email 2.

Figure: Notification Email 1

  • Answering the questions from within this email will automatically approve the question as well as the answer. If you do not wish to approve this question, please click the 'click here' link to moderate this question in the merchant center. Refer to Figure: Notification Email 2.

Figure: Notification Email 2

4. In Admin Only, select "Allow Repeat Emails" check box, only if you want to send repeat emails to selected audience every time a particular question is repeated. Shopsocially does not recommend the use of this function
5. Click Save.


The Moderation tab is for controlling the posts, manually or automatically based on settings, and adding stop words to reject a question, answer, and comment.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click Moderation tab.

2. In Moderation Options, provide:

  • Hide Pending Posts: By default all posts are pending. You will have to choose one of the below mentioned options, Manual Moderation, or Automatic Moderation. Select "Hide Pending Posts" check box if you do not want the end user to see pending posts. This includes questions, answers, and comments. If you select this option, then for each pending post, message will be sent to selected audience (audience selected as per explained in Notifications, in Advanced tab earlier in this tutorial.) that the question or answer or comment is submitted and approval is pending.
  • Manual Moderation: The Merchant site Admin can choose to manually approve or reject the posts, using this option. Refer to Figure: Moderation.
  • Automatic Moderation: The Merchant site Admin can choose to automatically set approval and rejection criteria for the posts, using this option. Click on Automatic Moderation. Add the stop words based on which you want to reject a question, and/ or answer, and/ or comment. Click Save Changes. Refer to Figure: Automatic Moderation.

Figure: Moderation

Figure: Automatic Moderation


The Embed tab is for instructions related to how to embed the App on your website. You can decide where and on what pages of the website, you want the campaign to appear.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Click Embed tab. Refer to Figure: Embed.

2. In Embedding Options, in Embed on Website, click View Instructions, or

Paste the below given div on your web page where you want this Customer Q & A to appear.

<div id ="ss_qna_div"


3. Click Save.

4. Click Targeting tab and set up targeting for your page. Refer to Figure: Targeting.

Figure: Embed

Figure: Targeting


Enhancements are explained in separate sections below.

Show or hide date in Customer Q and A

You can choose to show or hide date in the answers and comments.

In Basic tab, in Customization, select Display Date For Content check box, if you want to display date in the answers and comments. Refer to Figure: Customization 1 and Figure: Customization 2.

Figure: Customization

Figure: Customization 2