Get-An-Email App is part of the  Viral Email Acquisition solution set. Visitors can earn an incentive in exchange for becoming an email subscriber. For example, incentive can be inform of discount coupons or free delivery or shipping. Incentive can be delivered inline or via email.

Collateral Required

The required collateral will depend on the chosen template. The collateral required for both templates is listed in the table below.

You can use one of the two options for template:
  • Small Template
  • Standard Template

For both the templates, please refer to Table: Required Collateral give below:

Table: Required Collateral

Tab Tab Section Field Small Template Standard Template
Basic Slider Display Background Image: This is the image which conveys the offer to the website visitors. Let the message be short and crisp. While designing the image, keep in mind that the lower left corner of that image will be covered by the subscription form. The size of the form will depend on the number of fields introduced in the form. The position of the sign up button and the email field is fixed.
750 pixels x 500 pixels

Thank You Image: This is the image that is displayed in the app pop-up after the customer has subscribed. You can either have the Thank You message in the image itself or have a generic image and insert the Thank you text through the app configuration. This can be customized. For example you can add coupon code, coupon expiry through the variables “_COUPON_CODE_”.

750 pixels x 500 pixels

Incentive Image

350 pixels x 150 pixels

Sidebar Display Sidebar Image Size as per Merchant's choice

Size as per Merchant's choice

Incentive info Type of Incentive General Coupon Code General Coupon Code

Single use Coupon Code Single use Coupon Code

Coupon Code delivery HTML Coupon Code delivery HTML
Email Incentive Email
Email Body HTML Email Body HTML

Mobile Mobile Slider Display Background Image
280 pixels x 400 pixels

Thank You Image
280 pixels x 400 pixels

See examples below.

Figure: Background Image

Figure: Thank You Image

Figure: Coupon Code

Incentive Image

Figure: Sidebar Image