Enabling Sales Tracking is a pre-requisite to capture the data presented in the Reports section. 

The reports dashboard is a tool available to you to measure the value delivered from the ShopSocially platform. The dashboard shows the data for all events associated with ShopSocially campaigns. The idea is to present all possible ways in which ShopSocially contributes to your business. You can selectively look at the data relevant to your campaign objectives.

To view reports, please follow the steps given below:

1. Login to Merchant console.

2. Click Reports tab.

3. Select a date range. Refer to Figure: Reports.

Figure: Reports

The Reports tab can be divided into the following sections:

These are explained in the following sections.

Total Value Delivered

The 'Total Value Delivered' in the reports is a sum of the Revenues contributed by ShopSocially campaigns and the Social Action Value of the campaigns. These heads are further broken down into individual components that make up these numbers. Refer to Figure: Total Value Delivered.

Figure: Total Value Delivered


In the absence of a VFS campaign, this number is simply the incremental revenue from other campaigns. If a Viral Flash Sale (VFS) campaign is active, the flash sale revenue is added to the incremental revenue contributed by other ShopSocially campaigns to arrive at the Revenues number.
Campaigns contribute to incremental revenue in following four ways:

  • Via Increased Conversion: Campaigns that give visitors a coupon for interaction that boosts the sales conversion rate. Visitors interacting with these campaigns have a higher conversion rate than the site average. This metric takes into account the difference between the conversion rates to calculate the incremental orders received. Refer to Figure: Conversion Uplift. For example, assume that 1000 visitors visit your website and convert at 2%. When you introduce a ShopSocially campaign, let's say 100 visitors interact with that one and convert at 5%. Had the campaign not been present, these 100 people would have contributed 2 sales (2% conversion rate). But because of the campaign you have 3 incremental orders. 
    Conversion Uplift: This value is derived using the following formula: (Conversions through ShopSocially Apps - Non ShopSocially Apps Conversion)/ Non SS Conversion X 100.  

Figure: Conversion Uplift

  • Repeat Sales: A person interacting with a ShopSocially campaign and coming back to the website to make another purchase is counted as a repeat sale. This metric is relevant for post-purchase campaigns which give visitors an incentive to come back.
  • Click through referral sales: Click by a person on a post shared through any ShopSocially campaign is counted as a click through referral interaction. If this converts to a sale, it will be counted as a click through referral sale.
  • View through referral sales: Not all people who see your brand posts will click through the post. Some may just note it for future and visit your site separately at a later point. We have no concrete measure for such orders. Research suggests that this number is twice the number of click through orders. You have the option to edit this multiplier. You can even set it to 0 if you wish to ignore this particular metric.
To view the incremental revenue, in Revenues, click Incremental Revenues. Refer to Figure: Revenues, and Figure: Incremental Revenues.

Figure: Revenues

Figure: Incremental Revenues

To view the flash sale revenue, in Revenues, click Flash Sale Revenue. Refer to Figure: Flash Sale Revenue.

Figure: Flash Sale Revenue

This shows you the number of Unique Views, Post Conversion Rate percentage, Referral Posts, Sales Conversion Rate percentage, and number of Sales. You can also view report by:

  • Conversion Funnel
  • Trends: Graph report by one or a combination of Unique Views, Referral Posts, and Sales.
  • Distribution: Impact by each VFS campaign. Click on the campaign you wish to see the report for.
  • Detailed Report: Click View Report.

Social Action Value

Every interaction with ShopSocially Apps has some social benefit. Social action value can be broken down into acquisition value and engagement value.
  • Acquisition Value: Followers of your brand on different marketing channels have a lifetime value associated with them. Therefore, each additional follower you gain contributes to your revenue. Same holds true for social testimonials and reviews. Testimonials create a sense of confidence in your brand in customer's mind and increase your sales conversion rate. The lifetime value of customers and followers as well as the value of social testimonials will differ for each business. You can plug in these values for your business in the reporting tool. The dashboard will then show the social acquisition value from your campaigns. 
Click Save Value after you enter the values. You can edit the values as and when required or to restore default values, click Reset To Defaults 

  • Engagement Value: ShopSocially campaigns also increase customer engagement with your brand. Even if the social media posts and shares don't contribute directly to sales, they aid brand recall and enable word of mouth promotion. 
Click Save Value after you enter the values. You can edit the values as and when required or to restore default values, click Reset To Defaults . 
To view the acquisition value, in Social Action Value, click Acquisition Value. Refer to Figure: Social Action Value, and Figure: Acquisition Value.

Figure: Social Action Value

Figure: Acquisition Value

To view the engagement action, in Social Action Value, click Engagement Action. Refer to Figure: Engagement Action.

Figure: Engagement Action

Potential Word of Mouth Reach

This section shows the potential word of mouth reach the campaign has through the various sharing channels used for the campaign. The formula for arriving the potential word of mouth for each channel is: 245 (the multiplier) X number of shares/ posts (for each channel). Refer to Figure: Potential Word of Mouth Reach.
In the below, for Facebook, the number is derived by: 245 X 14 (Facebook shares). 

Please note:  This is a tentative number only. The multiplier is based on research, is dependent on social network algorithms, and can change.

Figure: Potential Word of Mouth Reach

Social Influencers

This section shows the list of social influencers or people who have had a maximum impact in terms of referral clicks and purchases. The source for this data is the Social Connect or Share-a-Purchase campaigns which can track the referral clicks and sales for every person who interacted. Refer to Figure: Social Influencers.

Figure: Social Influencers

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Campaign Type

If you wish to view the reports for a specific app or campaign you can click on the campaign type to see a deeper drill down. Refer to Figure: Campaign Type.

Figure: Campaign Type

For more information on a campaign type report, please visit the documentation of that particular ShopSocially App.

Quick Links

There are various other reports which can be accessed using the Quick Links tab. The Quick Links tab is below the date range selection button. To view reports from Quick Links, click on Quick Links and from the drop down, click the report you want to view. Please refer to Figure: Quick Links.

Figure: Quick Links

The various reports available are as given below:

Email Subscribers Report

This report shows the email subscribers acquired through all campaigns. Only the people who have explicitly opted in to your mailing list will be listed in this report. You can export the data to CSV format. Refer to Figure: Email Subscribers Report.

Figure: Email Subscribers Report

Social Profiles Report

This shows the number of social profiles added for a selected date range. The report has two view options:

1. Analytics: You can view the total number of social profiles added. You can view distribution: gender wise, source wise and age wise.
2. Listing: Lists the social profiles added. Refer to Figure: Social Profiles Report.

Figure: Social Profiles Report

Sales Report

This provides the following information based on selected date range:
  • Sales Summary: Sales Conversion Rate with ShopSocially Apps and without ShopSocially Apps. Refer to Figure: Sales Summary.
  • Sales Distribution by Campaign Type: Displays Campaign type, Sales numbers by Campaign type, and Contribution in percentage. 
  • Sales Distribution by Campaign: Displays Campaign, Sales numbers by Campaign, and Contribution in percentage. Refer to Figure: Sales Distribution.

Figure: Sales Summary

Figure: Sales Distribution

Fans Report

This shows for a selected date range, Unique Views, Fan Conversion Rate, number of Fans, Sales Conversion Rate and number of Sales. Refer to Figure: Fans Report.

Figure: Fans Report

You can also view trends and distribution based on campaign, and a detailed report.

Social Influencers Report

This shows for a selected date range, the list of social influencers. Short profile of social influencers, with number of purchases made by them and number of clicks. Refer to Figure: Social Influencers Report.

Figure: Social Influencers Report

Social Testimonials Report

This shows for a selected date range, photo of Purchased Item, product Title, Creation Time, Comment, and Source of Posts.

Note: Depending on the configuration settings, the Merchant Admin will have option to Approve or Reject the posts. Refer to Figure: Social Testimonials Report.

Figure: Social Testimonials Report

Photomonials Report

This shows the Photomonials Collected for a selected date range. The report has two view options:
1. Analytics: You can view the number of posts for each of sharing channels, which are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also view the brand reach number for each channel. Refer to Figure: Photomonials Analytics. You can also view pie chart and graph for source of post and brand reach
2. Listing: Lists by date, product photo, description, photomonial, message, number of likes and source of sharing. Refer to Figure: Photomonials Listings.

Figure: Photomonials Analytics

Figure: Photomonials Listings

Billable Social Actions

Please note:
 Merchants who have a fixed billing plan with Shopsocially should ignore this section.

The Billable Social Actions are social actions billable by Shopsocially to merchant. The value per social action is: Total Value/ Billable Social Actions. Please refer to Billable Social Actions.

Billable Social Actions

Click on the Billable Social Actions number to view distribution. Please refer to Figure: Billable Social Actions Distribution.

Figure: Billable Social Actions Distribution

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