Before configuring Share-on-Mobile, make sure you have completed all mandatory integration. For tutorial on the above integration, please refer to Integrating ShopSocially. 


Refer to Figure: Configuring Share-on-Mobile for configuration flow.

Figure: Configuring Share-on-Mobile

Adding New Campaign

You can add new campaigns using the Adding New Campaign button.

Please follow the steps given below:

  1. Login into Merchant Center.
  2. Click Campaigns tab. Refer to Figure: Adding New Campaign.
  3. Click Add New Campaign tab. Refer to Figure: Adding New Campaign.
  4. Select and click available campaign, or from available campaigns.

Figure: Adding New Campaign

 Configuring the Campaign

When you add a new campaign you will be taken to the configuration setup. Refer to Figure: Configuration Tabs.

Figure: Configuration Tabs

The two tabs available in the Configuration set up are as given below:

Setup for each tab is given in following sections.


The Basic tab is for setting sharing flow, star rating, and incentive info.

Please follow steps given below:

1. In Sharing Flow, provide:

  • Sharing Prompt: Refer to Figure: Sharing Prompt.

Figure: Sharing Prompt

2. In Star Rating, provide:
  • Display Star Rating: Enable this feature if you want visitors to provide a star rating for your brand or product when they share the image. These ratings will be displayed along with the images in the photomonials gallery.
3. In Incentive Info provide:
  • Type of Incentive: Choose one any one type of incentive:

    1. Generic coupon code: Same coupon code for everyone.

    2. Single use coupon code: Each user get a unique coupon code upon unlock.

    3. No Incentive: If you want to run the campaign without giving away any incentives.

    The coupon codes have to be generated in your shopping cart and uploaded here. The App will simply display whatever is uploaded here. For Generic Coupon Codes, enter the coupon code that will be given to each user upon email subscription. For single use coupon codes, enter one coupon code per line. If you have a list of coupon codes in a spreadsheet you can copy paste the column there. The App will give out the codes to the users sequentially. The 'Get Status' button can be used to check how many codes are used up and how many are remaining. The App will be auto paused when all the coupons are used up. You will receive automated notifications when the coupons are close to exhaustion.

  • Coupon Codes
  • Coupon Expiry
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Offer Title: The offer title in the incentive email.
  • Destination URL: Redirecting URL when clicked on "Redeem Now".
  • Incentive Email Subject: Set the subject of the incentive email. Example,

_STORENAME_ variable can be used to set the Store name

_OFFERTITLE_ will use the above mentioned Offer Title

  • Incentive Email Body HTML. Refer to Figure: Incentive Info.

Figure: Incentive Info

4. Click Save.

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The Advanced tab is for setting newsletter subscription, referral permissions, and admin settings (For Photomonials App only).

Please follow steps given below:

1. In Newsletter Subscription, provide:
  • Show Newsletter Subscription: This field decides whether to show the Newsletter opt-in option. Select this check box to show the Newsletter opt-in option.
  • Newsletter Subscription Default: The newsletter Opt-in checkbox that is shown to customers can be in checked by default and it will be up to the customers to uncheck it if they want to opt out. Or the field can be left unchecked and they will have to specifically Opt-in if they want to subscribe to the newsletter. This field controls whether the default setting is an Opt-in or an Opt-out.
  • Newsletter Subscription Text. Refer to Figure: Newsletter Subscription And Referral Permissions.
2. In Referral Permissions, provide:
  • Show Referral Permission: Along with the newsletter subscription, a referral permission checkbox can be shown to customers. If they approve, their email address can be inserted as a link in the post displayed in the photomonials gallery. Anyone viewing the gallery can then contact them for a direct feedback.
  • Referral Permission Default
  • Referral Permission Text
  • Permission for FB app: When a visitor does a share through the App, the App asks for permission to access the profile data and share on Facebook. The default permissions asked are access to email, birth date, user interests, user likes, location and friend information and also permission to post on Facebook. You can change the required permissions here. Refer to Figure: Newsletter Subscription And Referral Permissions.

Figure: Newsletter Subscription And Referral Permissions

3. In Admin Settings(For Photomonials App only), provide:
  • Default Landing URL: Set the landing page for the posts when displayed in the Photomonials gallery.
4. Click Save.

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