For using LinkedIn Contacts feature for Social Login, you need to create and set up the LinkedIn App. Instructions to create LinkedIn App are given in sections below.


Creating LinkedIn App


To create LinkedIn App please follow steps given below:

1. Login to your LinkedIn Console Developer Account using the following link: LinkedIn Developer Console

 using your LinkedIn credentials.

2. Click Create Application. Refer to Figure: Create Application.


Figure: Create Application

3. Enter project details, and select check box I have read and agree to the LinkedIn API Terms of Use. Refer to Figure: Create a New Application. Please note: Figure below is an example and hence you see ShopSocially details. You are required to provide your merchant site details in this form.


Figure: Create a New Application

4. Click Submit. The LinkedIn App gets created and you can view in Authentication Keys, the Client ID and Client Secret.

5. In OAuth 2.0, please enter the ShopSocially’s Redirect URL. Note: You will need to enter exact ShopSocially’s Redirect URL as mentioned below:

Refer to Figure: Authorized Redirect URLs.

Figure: Authorized Redirect URLs

6. Click Update.


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