This document explains the campaign level report for Share-A-Purchase. For overall reports refer to All Campaigns Reports.

Accessing Share-A-Purchase Reports

Please follow the steps given below:

1. Login to the Merchant Center.

2. In Campaigns click on required Share-A-Purchase campaign.

3. In Share-A-Purchase campaign, from the drop on the right side, select Reports. Refer to Figure: Access Reports.

Figure: Access Reports

By default, the Old Report Format is displayed. If you are running multiple Share-A-Purchase campaigns, and want to see combined report for all Share-A-Purchase campaigns together, click Back to Share-A-Purchase Campaigns. Refer to Figure: Reports Page.
4. Select a date range for the report to display and click Apply. Refer to Figure: Reports Page.

Figure: Reports Page

Note: There is Quick Links option for various reports. However the list of reports in the drop down are for reports for all campaigns. Use these option if you want to access reports for all campaigns. Refer to Figure: Quick Links.

Figure: Quick Links

Report Formats

There are 2 types of report format as given below:

  • Old Report Format: This report has limited data and is useful only to check interactions on a daily basis to figure out trends. 
  • New Report Format: This report has detailed data on campaign performance. 

The report formats are explained in sections below.

Old Report Format

By default, the Old Report Format is displayed. Select a date range.

ShopSocially does not recommend using the old format for analyzing interaction rate and sales conversion rate. For these numbers please refer to New Report Format.

With the Old Report Format, you can see interactions and sales trends for the selected date range. The middle part of the report shows the graphical presentation. There is a tab below the graph using which you can select one or in combination of: Unique Views, Purchases Shared, and Sales. The graph will be displayed as per selected criteria. You can hover your mouse over the graph and see date wise update. Refer to Figure: Graphical presentation. The bottom part of the report displays the report in a tabular form. Refer to Figure: Tabular Report.

Figure: Graphical presentation

Figure: Tabular Report

New Report Format

Click New Report Format and select a date range. Refer to Figure: New Report.

Figure: New Report

Explanation on how to read the report is given below:

The top part of the report shows high level statistics:

  1. Value Delivered: This value is derived based on the values applied in Reports tab, in Reports Dashboard where reports for all campaigns are stored. For more information, please refer to Reports Dashboard.
  2. Share Completions: This value represents the number of shares completed by the sharers for given period.
  3. FB Profiles: This value is the number of FB profiles of sharers for given period.
  4. Referral Clicks: Number of clicks by sharers' friends.
  5. Sales: Sum of sales via Share-A-Purchase campaign. Refer to Figure: New Report Status Bar.

Figure: New Report Status Bar

The bottom part of the report is divided into 4 parts: 

  • Conversion Funnel
  • Distribution of Key Metrics
  • Trends
  • Detailed Report. These are explained in below sections.

Conversion Funnel

This section shows a funnel view of your campaign, from Share-a-Purchase Views to Sales. Given below are the various stages and the flow of the Conversion Funnel:
  • Share-a-Purchase Views: This is the sum of total number of times the Share-a-Purchase campaigned was viewed.
  • Clicks on FB Button: This is the sum of total number of clicks on the Facebook button.
  • Completed Shares: This is the sum of total number completed shares. This includes shares via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • FB Profiles: Number of sharers logged to share their purchases via Facebook.
  • Referral ClicksThis is the sum of total number clicks by friends on the post shared via, Facebook, Twitter, and Email.
  • Repeat Sales: Repeat purchase by the FB profiles who shared their purchase.
  • Referral Sales: Sales via Twitter, Facebook, and Email.

Distribution of Key Metrics

The Distribution Metrics is a Pie Chart report. Refer to Figure: Distribution Metrics.

Figure: Distribution Metrics


For Trends report, refer to Figure: Trends.

Figure: Trends

Detailed Report

Click View Report to view detailed report. It is a tabular report. You can export the report to a CSV file. Refer to Figure: Detailed Report.

Figure: Detailed Report 

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