Before you start implementing ShopSocially's Loyalty program, please go through the below document and processes mentioned. This will help you clearly define your loyalty program's goals and seamlessly implement the loyalty program.


  • Loyalty Program - Best Practices Guide: ShopSocially offers a modern day loyalty program that enables you to award points not just for purchases, but also for all-round engagement. Examples of activities for which points can be awarded, are becoming an email subscriber, referring a friend, writing a review, making a purchase in a brick-and-mortar store, and so on. The objective of Loyalty Program - Best Practices Guide is to outline the best practices for creating a winning loyalty program. It assumes that you have already decided to implement a loyalty program and provides guidance on how to name it, which activities should be rewarded, how many points to allocate for a given activity, and so on.
  • ShopSocially Loyalty Program - Business Questionnaire: The Defining your Loyalty program should be answered by the key business stakeholder in charge of the loyalty program. Answers to the questions will help establish the key business objectives and program parameters. Please work together with your ShopSocially Customer Success Manager (CSM) to fill, and complete this questionnaire.

Below section gives information of the flow of loyalty program implementation and links to detailed explanation of loyalty program set up to be done.

Implementing Loyalty Program


The Loyalty Program implementation is divided into the following:


  • Configuration on Merchant Site
  • Configuration in ShopSocially Merchant Centre

These are explained in separate sections below.

Configuration On Merchant Site


Configuration on merchant site includes the below mentioned integrations:

  1. Basic Integration
  2. Advanced Integration
  3. Customer Authentication
  4. Embedding Loyalty Dashboard on merchant site
  5. CRM Integration
  6. Custom Activities configuration on merchant site

These integrations are explained in separate sections below.

Basic Integration


For details please refer to Basic Integration.

Advanced Integration


For details please refer to Advanced Integration.

Customer Authentication

For details please refer to Customer Authentication - Loyalty Program.
Embedding Loyalty Dashboard on merchant site

You will need to insert the div tag ('ss_loyalty_div') wherever you need to show the Loyalty Dashboard on your website.

CRM Integration

The Loyalty Program API allows you to extend the loyalty program beyond your website, and have a common rewards program for all your sales channels. It also enables you to customize the implementation of the program on your website.

For details please refer to Loyalty Program API.

Custom Activities configuration on merchant site

For details please refer to Configuring Activities for the Loyalty Program.

Configuration in ShopSocially Merchant Centre

To go to Loyalty program in Merchant Centre, please follow the steps given below:


  1. Log in to Merchant Centre
  2. Click Loyalty tab. By default the Activity tab is displayed which shows list of activities configured.


You will need to set up each tab mentioned below. Refer to Figure: Loyalty Tabs.



Figure: Loyalty Tabs

Please note: Below mentioned are various tabs in Loyalty program, to be set up, and links for set up details for each tab are given. Kindly refer the same.