This document explains configuration required for Custom Activities on your website (merchant website), in case when you want to create Custom Activities and want to award loyalty points to user on completing these activities.

For example, you want to award loyalty points if a user add a product from your website to user's wish list. Or, you want to award loyalty points to user who fills in the questionnaire or survey. For this you will first need to create such custom activities in under Activities in ShopSocially Loyalty program. For details please refer to Configuring Activities Loyalty Program.

Custom Activities configuration required to award points is explained in separate section below.

Award Points

When you identify that the user has completed the activity (Custom activity you have defined), make a call: Pass the ID and number of points to be awarded, to ShopSocially.

Activities list for Loyalty Account Check

Loyalty points can be awarded when any loyalty user refers someone via Refer-A-Friend App. A check can be included to verify if user has loyalty account. By doing so when a user shares via Refer-A-Friend App App, it will search for available loyalty account of the user with matching email ID. If loyalty account is not found, it will give pop up message showing loyalty account not found. The user can then edit the email ID. Or, if the user chooses to continue, then the loyalty points are awarded to the new email ID The user then will have to click the earned loyalty points icon on right hand side above in the screen and create a new loyalty account using sign in with Facebook/ G-Mail, or what option is set by the merchant admin.

For this you will need to create activity based on any of the following activity names. You will need to create exactly as given below:

  • LOYALTY_ACTIVITY_TYPE_REFERRAL_CLICK_EMAIL = 'ss_referral_click_email' 
  • LOYALTY_ACTIVITY_TYPE_REFERRAL_CLICK_FACEBOOK = 'ss_referral_click_facebook' 
  • LOYALTY_ACTIVITY_TYPE_REFERRAL_CLICK_TWITTER = 'ss_referral_click_twitter' 
  • LOYALTY_ACTIVITY_TYPE_REFERRAL_CLICK_PINTEREST = 'ss_referral_click_pinterest' 

Please note

Ability in Refer-A-Friend to award loyalty points as kickback: We have a provision to award loyalty points as well, provided the sharer has a loyalty account. This feature is only for Referral Purchase, not for Referral Clicks.

In Refer-A-Friend, when there is a referral purchase, corresponding notification email regarding the loyalty points is sent to the loyalty user. This email also contains the private link which the user can share, and also the Dashboard (Referral & Loyalty) links.

Points will be awarded, but email will go only in case of LOYALTY_ACTIVITY_TYPE_REFERRAL_PURCHASE = 'referral_purchase' activity.