ShopSocially allows you to export email subscribers to Constant Contact. Below are the collateral and steps required for the integration.

Collateral required

  • Constant Contact API Key 
  • Constant Contact List ID

Configuring ShopSocially webhooks settings

Please note:  You can pass more than email ID into your Constant Contact. Selected fields from your CRM are mapped against selected fields in ShopSocially. For example you wish to map: 
1. First Name field in your CRM as First Name Field in ShopSocially.
2. Second Name field in your CRM as Second Name Field in ShopSocially.

Once you have mapped the fields the respective fields data will be passed from ShopSocially to respective fields in your CRM. Please refer to Figure: Fields Mapping.

Figure: Fields Mapping

Steps Required for Integration
  1. Generating API key in Constant Contact.
  2. Creating a mailing list and obtain a List ID
  3. Preparing list of Constant Contact Fields.
  4. Contacting ShopSocially Customer Success Manager (CSM). 

The steps are explained in separate section below.

1. Generating API key in Constant Contact

The steps to generate API key are as given below:

1. Register for an API Account.

2. Register your personal application.

  • Enter your website URL in the field Redirect uri for oauth calls

Your API key will be displayed right after registering your application. To get an access token, please follow steps given below:

1. Click on the IO Docs tab in your API account, that would be here.

2. Click on the Get Access Token button.

3. You will be asked to connect with your Constant Contact account.

4. Once you are logged in, click on the Allow access button.

Your access token will be displayed after allowing your application. Once you have your API key and your access token, enter them both in the Constant Contact section of the form builder.
2. Creating a mailing list and obtain a List ID.

For details please refer to obtain a List ID.

3. Preparing list of Constant Contact Fields 

Prepare list of Constant Contact Fields for Constant Contact Labels Mapping. These will be mapped with ShopSocially Fields. Refer to Figure: Constant Contact Labels Mapping.

Figure: Constant Contact Labels Mapping

4. Contacting ShopSocially Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Contact ShopSocially Customer Success Manager (CSM) to configure ShopSocially Webhook settings.