The integration instructions are for PrestaShop store. ShopSocially tag can be easily integrated with PrestaShop store. With this, you can activate ShopSocially Apps on your PrestaShop store and start running campaigns in matter of minutes.

You can download ShopSocially PrestaShop plugin at ShopSocially PrestaShop plugin.

Setup instructions for installing ShopSocially cartridge on PrestaShop store

It is recommended that:

1. You take complete backup of your PrestaShop store.

2. You install the plugin on your Test Server first. You should test the installation on your Test Server, and then install the plugin on your Production Server.

Steps to integrate ShopSocially into PrestaShop store are given in Installing ShopSocially plugin section below. Please follow the steps in the same order as mentioned.

Installing ShopSocially plugin

To install the ShopSocially plugin, please follow the steps given below:

1. Upload the folder to "/modules/" directory of your prestashop.

2. Log in to PrestaShop Admin panel.

3. In Modules & Services, click Modules & Services.

4. In MODULES LIST, search for ShopSocially. Select check box for ShopSocially and click Install. Refer to Figure: Install Plugin.

Figure: Install Plugin

5. Select check box ShopSocially, and click Configure. Figure: Configure Plugin.

Figure: Configure Plugin

6. In Configure ShopSocially, under ShopSocially Settings, provide the following information:

  • ShopSocially Partner ID
  • ShopSocially API Key
  • Enable ShopSocially
  • Enable Advanced Integration
  • Enable Social Login
  • Enable Customer Q & A
  • Enable Loyalty
  • Loyalty Authentication URL: Copy and paste the link in ShopSocially Loyalty Dashboard.
  • Loyalty User Dashboard URL: Copy and paste the link in ShopSocially Loyalty Dashboard.
  • Loyalty User Endpoint URL: Copy and paste the link in ShopSocially Loyalty Dashboard.

After you add Partner ID, API Key, and enable features, click Save. Refer to Figure: ShopSocially Settings.

Figure: ShopSocially Settings

To paste those URLs in ShopSocially Merchant Center console, follow steps given below:

1. In ShopSocially Merchant Center console, click Loyalty tab, and then click Dashboard Config.

2. In Authentication Options, in Authentication Type, select Token Based Authentication from drop down.

Please note: To use the ShopSocially plugin, it is mandatory to select Token Based Authentication.

3. In Loyalty Authentication URL, paste the Loyalty Authentication URL. Refer to Figure: Loyalty Authentication URL.

Figure: Loyalty Authentication URL
4. In Loyalty Dashboard, paste the Loyalty User Dashboard URL. Refer to Figure: Loyalty User Dashboard URL.

Figure: Loyalty User Dashboard URL
5. In Authentication Options, in User Endpoint, paste the Loyalty User Endpoint URL. Refer to Figure: Loyalty User Endpoint URL.

Figure: Loyalty User Endpoint URL
6. Click Save

Please note: Alternatively you can contact ShopSocially Customer Success Manager (CSM), and respective CSM can help you.