You can award Loyalty points for referral activity via Refer-A-Friend App. Loyalty points can be  awarded to sharer if sharer's referred friend (s) clicks on the shared link from any of the below mentioned networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Pinterest 

To award points for successful referrals through Refer-A-Friend program, you will need to set up activities specific activity names. You need to choose the activity based on when you wish to award the points to the referrer. This should also match what you communicate to your customers in the Refer-A-Friend program. Please follow steps given below:

1. Go to Loyalty > Activities.

2. Create activity with any of the Activity IDs mentioned below.

Table 1: Loyalty Activity IDs

Activity ID



Award points for referral click through email share.   

Award points for referral click through Facebook post.


Award points for referral click through Twitter post.


Award points for referral click through Pinterest post.

referral_purchase For awarding points for a successful referral purchase.

Please note: It is mandatory to use Activity IDs as is, mentioned above.  You can give Activity name of your choice. For more information on configuring an activity refer to Configuring Activities for the Loyalty Program.

3. Loyalty Account Check: This is optional. Loyalty points can be awarded when any loyalty user refers someone via Refer-A-Friend App. A check can be included to verify if user has loyalty account. To do so, please check "Enable Loyalty Account Check" box. By doing so when a user shares via Refer-A-Friend App App, it will search for available loyalty account of the user with matching email ID. If loyalty account is not found, it will give pop up message showing loyalty account not found. The user can then edit the email ID. Or, if the user chooses to continue, then a new loyalty account is created and the points are credited to that account.

To do so:

1. Go to Merchant Center > Campaigns

2. Select the Refer-A-Friend campaign you want this check to be applied. Make sure you choose the same campaign in which you wish to award loyalty points for successful referrals through Refer-A-Friend program, and you have already set up activity as explained in point No. 2 above.

In Loyalty Account Check, provide:

  • Loyalty Account Check: Please check "Enable Loyalty Account Check" box.  
  • Enable Loyalty Account Check 
  • Account Unavailable Message HTML 
  • Edit Button Text 
  • Continue Button Text 
  • Edit Button Color 
  • Continue Button Color. Refer to Figure: Loyalty Account Check.
After you enter the above information, click Save.

Figure: Loyalty Account Check

4. Loyalty Notifications: You have the option to send email notification to the referrer when the referrer earns Loyalty points via Refer-A-Friend program. To do this:
1. Go to Loyalty > Notifications > Loyalty Notifications, and select the Earned Loyalty Points via Referral (Account Available) check box. For more information on Loyalty Notifications please refer to 
Loyalty Program - Loyalty Notifications.
Please note
1. This email notification is sent only in case where Loyalty activity with specific name 'referral_purchase' is created. Refer to Figure: Earned Loyalty Points via Referral.
2. The Notifications variable for this is:
Variable Notification
Earned Loyalty Points via Referral (Account Available)

Figure: Earned Loyalty Points via Referral

2. Click Save.

The referrer receives an email notification of the points earned and can log in to the User Loyalty Dashboard to view details. Refer to Figure: Loyalty Points Via Referral Purchase.


Figure: Loyalty Points Via Referral Purchase