The Advanced Tag must be included only on the post-checkout, thank you page which is shown after the order is completed. This is required for conversion tracking.

ShopSocially is pre-integrated with many Shopping Carts Integration summary and Tag Managers. If you are using one of them, integration will be easier. Check the list before you proceed. Executing Advanced Integration, and data required in that are explained in separate sections below.

Advanced Integration script:

You can find the advanced integration script in your ShopSocially merchant center.

Please follow steps given below:

1. Login into Merchant Center.
2. Click Integration. Refer to Figure: Integration.

Figure: Integration

3. Click Advanced. Refer to Figure: Advanced.

Figure: Advanced

4. Copy the code in the <body> tag of the order confirmation page and substitute the variable values in blue with dynamically generated values. Details of the data captured and how it is used is given in the following section.
Once the code is on your website, click on the "Verify Integration" button. Refer to Figure: Advanced Integration Code.

Advanced Integration Code

Data captured through the Advanced Integration

1. Shopper's data

This data is captured to show additional information about the sales coming through ShopSocially apps. 
  • user_email 
  • user_first_name 
  • user_last_name 
  • zipcode
  • new_customer

2. Transaction data

Dynamic data:  The below data is specific to the transaction, and is populated dynamically:
  • order_id: If order ID available.
  • revenue: Total order value of the transaction.
  • transaction_type 
  • coupon_code

Static data: The below data is specific to transaction, and is static:
  • is_oc_page
  • partner_id: Your unique merchant ID issued by ShopSocially.

The values of variables (Under ss_mi.add_products) shown below are inserted dynamically and are attributes of the product purchased by a user:
  • prod_price
  • prod_id
  • prod_page_url 
  • prod_img_url 
  • prod_title

Refer to Figure: Required Values.

Figure: Required Values

The 3 required variables are the minimum required. But we would like you to get as many of the optional variables (denoted in green color) as possible. Refer to Figure: Optional Values.

Figure: Optional Values

The last part of the code, is the Java Script call to award loyalty points to user on purchase. See the Java Script code below:

ss_mi.award_loyalty_points('made_a_purchase', 39.50); /* Total Order Value e.g.39.50 */