If you wish to push email subscribers acquired through ShopSocially to any of the CRM systems where ShopSocially does not have ready made integrations available, you can use ShopSocially's web hook feature to do this. 

You first need to set up an end point URL where ShopSocially will post data to in real time. When a user subscribes through a ShopSocially app, ShopSocially will send the data to this end point URL via a POST request. The data will be sent as parameters in the request. The exact parameters in the request will depend on the form fields you have configured for the campaign. Below is an example of such a POST request. 


"Custom_Field_1": "Custom_Field_Value",

"last_name": "Das",

"sender_name": "GET_AN_EMAIL_APP",

"campaign_id": "56d57ac00daac162ca1e1d55",

"app_id": "56d57ac00daac162ca1e1d54",

"partner_id": "137692186f3cfaf9fc0839d8da0934f6",

"id": "56d6e4260daac112b5e2e1f3",

"first_name": "Subhrajyoti",

"app_type": "Get-an-Email",

"email_address": "subhtestshop@gmail.com",

"Custom_Field_age_2": 29,

"time": "2016-03-02T13:01:26Z",

"zip_code": "411016"


 In the above example, the app configuration has two custom fields apart from the three standard fields of First Name, Last Name and Email address. 


You need to parse the data from the request and then populate it in your CRM.