Refer-A-Friend FAQs

Question: How does ShopSocially track the referral transactions?

Answer: The tracking is based on the referral link shared by the referrer and does not depend on the coupon codes used by the referrer or the friend. When the friend clicks through the referral link and lands on the site, a cookie is dropped in the friend’s browser that can identify the session as that of the friend. Even if the friend logs off and comes back to the website later, the cookie will still be present in the browser. When the friend completes a purchase the cookie will tie the purchase back to the referrer.

Question: Is it possible that a referral transaction goes without being tracked?

Answer: The referral tracking is based on cookies and that has limitations. If the friend makes a purchase without clicking on the referral link, we cannot track the referral. If the friend clicks through the referral link from one device and completes the purchase at a later time from another device, the transaction will not be tracked as a referral. The same will happen if the friend clears the browser cookies.

Question: A customer referred a friend and the friend made a purchase. Why did the customer not receive the kickback coupon?

Answer: Two conditions have to be met in order for the customer to receive the kickback:

1. After referring the friend, the customer has to provide the email address where the reward notification is to be sent.

2. The friend's transaction has to be recorded in the ShopSocially platform.

Firstly check if the customer actually shared a referral post. In Merchant Centre, click Campaigns > required Refer-A-Friend campaign > Reports > select a date range > REFERRERS (Refer to Figure: Referrers).


Figure: Referrers

If the customer’s name is not in our records, the customer did not actually share, or did not provide us personal details after sharing. In either case, we cannot send the reward since we do not know the email address.

Secondly, check if the friend made a purchase for the referrer to be eligible for the reward. This will be recorded in the referral transaction report. Click REFERRAL ACTIONS. Refer to Figure: Referral Actions.


Figure: Referral Actions

It is possible that the friend made a purchase but it hasn’t been recorded in the referral reports. (See reasons for a referral sale not recorded by ShopSocially).

Question: Customer provides the email address during the referral, and the friend's purchase has been recorded in ShopSocially platform. But the customer still has not received the kickback email.

Answer: Check if the referral transaction recorded in the ShopSocially report is approved. The kickback incentive email will be triggered only when the transaction is approved. Depending on the campaign configuration, some transactions may be flagged as possible self referrals and marked as pending. If the transaction is pending, verify and approve the transaction and the incentive email will be sent to the customer.

Question: A customer referred a friend via email but the friend did not receive any email.
Answer: The email may have landed in the friend’s spam folder. In some cases, people use 3rd party tools which block/filter emails from an unknown domain. 

The recommended course of action is to do a referral on behalf of the customer and generate a new ‘private link’ for the customer. Ask the customer to share that private link with friends who do not receive an email. 

Question: Can the merchant's customer support team generate new referral links for customers who have already referred in the past? Will it affect the customer’s older referral link?

AnswerA customer can have multiple referral links. Each time a customer uses the referral program, a new unique link is generated for the customer. All the links are tied to the customer’s email address. So friend clicks and sales through any of the links will be tracked back to the same customer.

QuestionIs there any way to see which friends were referred by the customer?

Answer: There is no way to see which friends were referred by the customer.

Friends clicking through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest posts, or the private link are not asked to enter their information in the course of the referral. Only in the event of a sale, their information is captured through the conversion tracking script. So we have information of only those friends who complete the purchase. All others are anonymous referees till they make a purchase.

QuestionIs there any way to see which coupon code was delivered to a customer after a successful referral?

Answer: This is available in the ‘Referral Actions’ report. In Merchant Centre, click Campaigns > required Refer-A-Friend campaign > Reports > select a date range > REFERRAL ACTIONS (Refer to Figure: Referral Actions).


Figure: Referral Actions