This document explains the reports for Loyalty. For overall reports refer to All Campaigns Reports.

Accessing Loyalty reports

Please follow the steps given below:

1. Login to the Merchant Center.

2. Click on Loyalty, and then click reports. Refer to Figure: Loyalty Reports.


Figure: Loyalty Reports

 How to read the report

The top part of the report is divided into 4 tabs. By default the POINTS ACTIVITY tab is displayed.
  • PERFORMANCE. These are explained in below sections.


In the POINTS ACTIVITY tab, you get a detailed breakdown of all outstanding points, points activity, redemption activity, and loyalty transactions for a selected period of time as give below:
  • Overall Points Balance: Displays the overall points awarded till current date. This follows the UTC time zone.
  • OUTSTANDING POINTS: Displays points available at the start and end of the selected period.
  • POINTS ACTIVITY: Displays points awarded, points deducted (for example if points are awarded to user twice, product is returned by purchaser and so on.), and points expired for the selected period.
  • REDEMPTION ACTIVITYDisplays points redeemed, and number of redemptions for the selected period. Refer to Figure: Points Activity.

The calculation is as follows: Points balance at the start of the period + points awarded in the period - points deducted in the period - points expired in the period - points redeemed in the period = Points balance at end of the period.


Figure: Points Activity

Loyalty Transactions: You can filter the loyalty transactions for the selected period based on earned, redeemed, and deducted points. This part of the report displays approval date, user's details (photo, name, email ID), Type (Points awarded, redeemed, deducted), activity (example Make a Purchase), and number of points. Refer to Figure: Loyalty Transactions.


Figure: Loyalty Transactions

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In the USERS tab, you get a detailed information about the loyalty user. This includes, user's profile, enrollment date to loyalty program, and link to detailed report about all the loyalty related activities of the user. By default list of all loyalty users is displayed.

  • Search function: By using user name, you can search for a particular user.
  • Enrollment Date: You can search users based on additional filters. Select a 'from' and 'to' date range for enrollment, and users enrolled between the date range will be displayed.
  • Earned Points:  Select a 'from' and 'to' date range for points earned, and users who have earned points between the date range will be displayed. Refer to Figure: Search User.

Based on your search parameters list of users will be displayed. Refer to Figure: Search User. The user details include enrollment date, user profile, loyalty tier the user is at, earned, and redeemed points.


Search User

Click on the user's name and to go to the customer profile for the user. This contains detailed information about the user including, user profile, points earned, redeemed, available, and the number of redemptions made by the user. You can add or deduct points for the user here. It also displays the details of the points activities and you can sort by points type, that is points earned, redeemed, deducted, pending, and rejected. You can export this data into CSV format. Refer to Figure: Customer Profile.


Figure: Customer Profile


In the ANALYTICS tab, you get a detailed breakdown of all points earned by activity and its trends, number of redemptions by type, and its trends based on selected time period.

How to read the report

Points earned by activity: Select and click on activities on the right hand side, you want to see on which points are earned. You will then be presented with a pie chart graph of the selected activities. When you hover the mouse over a activity in the pie chart, total interaction for that activity is displayed in numbers, and in percentage. Refer to Figure: Points Earned By Activity.


Figure: Points Earned By Activity

You can view points earned by activity trends. You will need to select the activities you wish to see the trends for. Refer to Figure: Activity Trends.


Figure: Activity Trends

Number of redemptions by type: You can see pie chart for number of redemptions by type, and trends for redemptions type, number of redemptions, enrolled users, points earned, and points redeemed. Refer to Figure: Redemptions By Type, Figure: Trends 1, and Figure: Trends 2.


Figure: Redemptions By Type


Figure: Trends 1


Figure: Trends 2


In the PERFORMANCE tab, you get information on:
  • Total number of users bifurcated into active, inactive, and guest users, who have made purchase or have not made purchase. Refer to Figure: Total Number Of Users.


Figure: Total Number Of Users
  • Revenue from purchase and average order value figures: Refer to Figure: Average Order Value.


Figure: Average Order Value

  • Repeat purchase frequency figures. Refer to Figure: Repeat Purchase Frequency.


Figure: Repeat Purchase Frequency