List of Program Launch related questions

This document covers the following integration related questions:-

How can I activate the rewards program?

If your are activating your program for the first time, you can do it from the home screen of the Zinrelo console using the 'Launch Now' button. 

The basic setup including integration, activities, rewards and the user dashboard needs to be completed before the program can be launched. The status of these configurations is indicated on the 'Home' tab. The launch button is visible only when all the basic setup is complete. 


Activities, Rewards and Dashboard styling will be automatically marked as completed once you have set it up. The integration will have to be explicitly marked as complete. 

This can be done in the General > Integration section. Use the 'Mark as Completed' button under both the integration Snippets.

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How can I pause or reactivate the program?

Once you have launched the Rewards program, you can pause the loyalty program from the Zinrelo Admin Console. Click on the ‘Active’ button under the left hand-side menu. The Rewards program is paused now.

If you wish to reactivate the rewards program, click on the ‘Paused’ button.

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