List of General queries

This document covers the following General queries:-

How do I enable exclusive opt-in to the rewards program for my users?

Exclusive opt-in to the rewards program can be enabled through the Basic Integration script.

There will be two versions of the basic integration script that you will pass us based on the situation:-

  • For logged in users who have exclusively opted into the rewards program: Pass us all four fields - Partner ID, Email, Name and User ID.
  • For non-logged in users: Do not pass us any of the four fields. You need to pass us an empty string instead.

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Why are my friends not able to see any coupon code when they land on the website after referral?

Please check that you are passing us the non-logged in version of the Basic Integration script on all the pages of your website. You need to pass us an empty string and not pass us any of the four fields mentioned in the basic integration script.

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Is it possible to use Zinrelo’s rewards program in our brick-and-mortar stores?

Yes, you can use Zinrelo’s rewards program in your brick-and-mortar stores too. Zinrelo can be fully integrated with your POS system. Please refer our POS integration document for details.

A basic loyalty program for a POS system should be able to award points for purchases and let customers redeem points in the store. An ideal integration would be one where points are earned in real time and customers can choose to redeem them in the store itself. The cashier should see all the program options in the POS interface. If your POS system can support this, the setup could be done using the Zinrelo API.

However, given the limitations of most POS systems in changing their interfaces to accommodate the loyalty program, Zinrelo recommends using the Batch Mode Process.

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Is it possible to use Zinrelo rewards program on our Mobile App?

The simplest way of integrating the loyalty program on the mobile app is to set the up the end-user loyalty dashboard on a web page and load that in a WebView in your mobile app. The basic integration snippet that is used for the website integration can be used to set up the web page with the loyalty dashboard.

With this, the end user dashboard is automatically rendered by Zinrelo without any additional setup at your end. The redemption options are presented in the end-user dashboard so redemptions don't require additional setup either.

The only remaining component is award points for purchases and other activities. This can be done using Zinrelo's Award Points API

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How can we handle returned / cancelled orders?

You should set-up the ‘Purchase on website’ activity on a ‘After a fixed duration’ Approval type. Enter the number of days accounting for the returned / cancelled orders time. So, the points will be in pending state for that time period.

You can deduct points from the user’s account using our Return Orders API call if the product / products are returned / cancelled within the specified time frame.

You can also account for partial returns with this API call. If returned amount is specified and is a non-zero positive number, it will be processed as a partial return. The amount will be subtracted from the actual value of the order and remaining points will be awarded. If returned amount is not passed, it will be considered as complete order return.

Please refer our Returns API for the same.

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How can we show information like ‘points available in the user’s account’ while sending out emails to our customers using our email marketing tool?

You can use our Get all users API call to fetch information of all the users. You can upload this information on your email marketing tool. Please refer our Get All Users API for the same.

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