List of Integration related Questions

This document covers the following integration related questions:-

Are all the fields mentioned in the Purchase Tracking Snippet mandatory?

Except two fields, the remaining fields in the purchase tracking snippet are not mandatory but they are highly recommended.

The Purchase tracking snippet includes two types of information: Product details and Order details. Both include some fields which need to be passed to Zinrelo on the order confirmation page.

Out of all the fields, the ORDER ID and SUBTOTAL fields under Order details are mandatory and cannot be skipped. From the remaining fields, the more you pass to Zinrelo, the better you can define business rules based on the product information. Example: 

  • Award 3X number of points for products in Category=Mugs
  • Award 10X number of points for product ID = 1234df, because it is a high margin product

This information is also displayed in detailed reports.

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Which integration steps does the Pre-integrated shopping cart Plugin take care of?

Pre-integrated shopping cart Plugin takes care of the Basic integration and Purchase Tracking snippet placement on your website. You will still have to complete the steps of Custom Integration (if needed), Perform Testing and Launch the Program.

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Which features are enabled through custom integration? Is it a mandatory step?

Custom integration is not a mandatory step and is required only if you wish to set-up any activities which are not offered by the Zinrelo platform by default. These include:-

  • Processing order returns / cancellations
  • Awarding points for custom activities (Activities that happen outside the Zinrelo platform)
  • Integrating loyalty data with your CRM
  • Adding promotional elements about the loyalty program to your website
  • Creating a referral program for your mobile app purchases
  • Setting up custom redemption options

Please refer the Custom integration document and API document for details.

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